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Natalyia Hearn of Crypto Chicks on Crypto Clothesline
December 07, 2018 Crypto Clothesline

This week, in our interview with the dynamic and ground-breaking Nataliya Hearn of Cryptochicks, we learn about the myriad of ways that Nataliya and her committed female (and male) crew, are bringing blockchain technology and related technologies to the front for women all over the world from the US and Canada, where Cryptochicks first started, to Hackathons for women from Asia, Africa and beyond.

Nataliya truly resonates with us being a mother of three boys, an engineer, a dancer and sometimes a painter. She was born in the former USSR and came to Canada at the age of 11. What we love about Natalyia is that she is always exploring technologies and opportunities that can have multi-level impact on individuals and society as a whole.  CryptoChicks organization was initially formed by a group of friends (men and women) to help women understand the impact of blockchain and crypto.  CryptoChicks has made the friendship stronger and more focused, as we are all working, laughing and growing together towards providing women technological tools to economic independence.

WE spoke about the importance of feeling confident to ask questions, something many women don’t feel at ease doing in a male-dominated scene, since they can easily (and are often) perceived as stupid, unimportant and/or irrelevant.

Both a mamma and an engineer, Nataliya realised from teaching at university, the importance of distilling information so that it’s made available to students in a form that they can understand.  Many people who have become deeply involved in technology of the crypto-space today, forget that they were once beginners, and the only way they were able to learn was also through simpler  terms.

There's nothing truer than that by teaching something you confirm and learn the actual content yourself. It’s important to have that sideways movement from technical language into laypersons’ terms so that while not compromising the information, you are making it digestible for everyone.

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