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Tone Vays - Crypto Trader and YouTube Influencer on Crypto Clothesline
November 28, 2018 Crypto Clothesline

Tone Vays is a well versed crypto trader and influencer with nearly 80,000 YouTube subscribers and is a former Wall Street trader and vice president of JP Morgan Chase.  We are absolutely honoured to have Tone on the show to chat with us about the skills everyone needs in crypto trading to minimise risk and to grasp the fundamentals to stay safe in the space.  We try not to stop at the basics of crypto trading as the pressing question on the lips of many women in crypto lingers – What happened on the Crypto Cruise?  

Tone explains his observations as to why the women were hired to be on the ship and goes on to say that “There was a lot more men than women on the last cruise and because on this cruise, the entire boat was being rented out and the entire boat was charted, I guess the organizers felt that there would be a huge disparity between the number of men and the number of women. So the women that were hired to kind of help on the cruise and provide some kind of balance between the male female ratios.”

What we love about Tone is his frankness and integrity, so it came as no surprise that when we asked him about invites to pump and dump schemes, he answered honestly “Ninety five percent of the people I meet are just scammers who want to print their own money. It's so much worse by percentage in this space. So I'm not surprised at all. Most of the people are trying to run some kind of a pump and dump so they can just make a scammy coin. I get asked all the time, if I’d be an advisor and promote these scammy projects. And the only thing that comes to my mind is, wow, the person asking me has absolutely no idea who I am, because if that person knew who I was, I'm the last person they would email or contact. So I was getting so many of those emails and texts that I just walked away from it.”

The interview covered so many facets of the life of Tone and we are incredibly appreciative to Tone for sharing his time and knowledge with us. 

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:09Do

Speaker 2:0:33Good morning how things on the east coast apart from rubbish trucks, which did interrupt the middle of our podcast today. Little monkeys. Yeah. Overflowing and so I'm glad to see either on drugs and I had a rental inspection also halfway through the interview that I didn't mention. I was like, what the hell's all this crap happened in the middle of interviews? Oh, you're kidding me. I had a rental instruction while we were speaking. That was very cool. I didn't pick up on a single rent inspection vibe. Well, I actually messaged the lady because I had a couple of other meetings today. I said to her, please just come in, you know, do what you need to do. That's fine. She just waves to me and smiles at me and I do and then that's that. Anyway, it's done now. It was great because I hate them. It's such an invasion of privacy and we've got this whole business on surveillance coins, you know, all this thing about keeping things.

Speaker 2:1:30Private homes are opened to complete inspection literally on a three monthly basis. It's seriously sucks and I don't know if they do this to you, but they come in and take photographs. Really? Oh yeah. On a tablet. Oh, the one thing that I hate. Yeah. I mean, what are they going to do with it that. I mean why do they need it? Is it sort of visual proof or something is so invasive. Oh, it's disgusting. Yeah. It's only temporary been to like get over and my perfectionist issue with finding the personal blog of land and I run just like, just go get that one. Just go get. No, it needs to have this, this, and I'm just over the top. It's getting a bit ridiculous. I guess just lots of rent money going down the drain. True. But Hey, there's all divine timing with everything.

Speaker 2:2:16I was gonna say I had this visual image of a wrench inspection that I used to have our current ids quite chilled, but you just see the flick of the wrist where they do the dust control and instinct the end of a long full snails finger. Oh, far out. Just get out of my house. But having said that, these ladies have. It's quite nice. That's so kind. She's lovely. I don't think she likes doing it. I don't think anyone wants to do it. It's just a job. Yeah, it is what it is. So we had a great talk today with tone veins and he's lovely. It was great. There was quite a lot of trading talk and I wondered if we would lose a lot of our listeners in that. Be totally honest because it's not usually this sort of thing that we cover in the podcast. But I thought well this is important because it's an absolute important part of the cryptocurrency world. Backed up all the sleep I block chain. So

Speaker 3:3:04I think if we remember that every single day we're faced with risks and it's not distinct cryptocurrency trading or futures trading. It's just everything. You need to weigh up your risks and you need to chill out. People make decisions all the time and freak out afterwards. Like why don't be logical about this stuff. People, if you're going to buy a bomb of a car, weigh it up. It's probably going to break down every 10 minutes. Think about that. Spend a bit more money. Do the right thing. Crazy people.

Speaker 2:3:35Doesn't that go with the ethos. Spend less. Now, spend triple later.

Speaker 3:3:39An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Speaker 2:3:42It's a good old fish and 50 years ago. Brought out a few times. No, I feel like I'm winning. Games. Nails, no pointing to the price is right on my ride. We would like to welcome you to the Crypto clothesline. Our show is about helping women join the blockchain wealth revolution for themselves and their families, and oddly enough, women are generally referred to our podcast by men

Speaker 3:4:14and names, Amy Rose, goody and met Catherine past and with speakers in blockchain and Crypto, and we're on this mission.

Speaker 2:4:20We're learning together with. You were talking with leading experts in the space works flooring, cutting edge technology projects that that are shaping the future for our children.

Speaker 3:4:28This podcast, it's about intelligence and growth and our values are for peace, harmony, and collaboration with the planet.

Speaker 2:4:35We use a supported. That means that we basically get paid through our patrion

Speaker 3:4:40and we really need some support at the moment, be he doesn't like me digging, but imagine me right now on my hands news saying, hey everyone, if she loves the podcast, you need to, hey,

Speaker 2:4:50contribute and be

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Speaker 3:5:24So jump on board.

Speaker 2:5:25Retinal today, we had a really interesting and varied conversation with Tony Surveys. I would call him what he calls himself a content creator. He has over 70,000 followers on youtube and he's certainly an influencer

Speaker 3:5:39and he's definitely given us some tips and tricks. He's influenced us. He's given actually a majority of the crypto and blockchain space participants. A lot of advice over the years.

Speaker 2:5:48Yeah. I saw his presentation at Uwa, the University of Western Australia just a short time ago and it was a really fascinating presentation for the first few minutes I thought was going to be completely lost because it did sound like a lot of tech speak and I was like, oh my gosh, I've got a whole hour of this, but then he started to get into the history of bitcoin and the way that the full happened and the reason and the influences and the people behind the way that the market moved and it was really, really fascinating. During the question time, I asked him two questions. One was around surveillance and he was quite surprised to learn that when you come into Australia that the authorities concedes your laptop and your phone and basically copy all your context like they do. Amy Rose with a good colleague of ours, but the second question I asked him and he was basically publicly recorded as yes, agreeing to come on the podcast. Hence we spoke to him today.

Speaker 3:6:37Okay.

Speaker 2:6:47Welcome to the Crib Duclos line. Your an independent content creator at academies don't come and you've got a youtube channel with over 70,000 followers and from your home page I see that you're an expertise in economic trends trading and risk analysis. You've been involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem since early 2013 and you're active in spreading relevance and importance of this technology, but the notion that it's going to help to promote economic freedom. Welcome.

Speaker 4:7:13Thank you.

Speaker 3:7:15Thanks for coming.

Speaker 2:7:16Tony. You and I met recently in Curtin, Uwa, University of Western Australia where you were giving a talk. I was there with my daughter and another colleague and it was really, really interesting because you spoke about the history of bitcoin and together with a whole heap of other things. Can you talk a little bit about why you're in Australia?

Speaker 4:7:32Sure. Because of my youtube channel, I do have an audience all over the world, but there was a very large audience. Sure. In Australia, so it was about time I came to Australia and met a lot of people. They'll continue to watch my channel and support my work since it's my first time in Australia. I decided to spend an entire month here, so I started in Perth, then went onto Melbourne currently in Sydney, and then next week I will move on to Brisbane before continuing with my four month travel and speaking trip. I'll go back to Singapore, then New Zealand and South America and eventually back to the US.

Speaker 2:8:08Yeah.

Speaker 3:8:11I was researching you quite a bit but also stalking you a little bit. I went back to 2014. We're on the liberty life train and you were talking about the trading rules you were talking about with the oil contracts on the futures market and you mentioned when trading to have a plan and not to panic, but I'm wondering if you can give a couple of tips to people who are getting into the crypt. I space who are going to trade. What are three big tips that you would like to share with the world?

Speaker 4:8:39Yeah, those are pretty much the biggest tips. It's funny that you mentioned that article. That was probably the only article have ever written about an actual trade that I have done because with my lifestyle of educating people how to. I just don't have much time to do it. Ironically, I publicly announced a trade in bitcoin adjust last month and it was the same exact scenario as the oil trade I described. You've got to have proper risk management. No single trade should ever take you out of the profession and that's has to be rule number one and rule number two is don't panic because if you have the right plan, even if your trade goes against you, you should have been prepared for it. At the same exact thing happened on my oil trade. I pride myself on entering very probabilistic trades that are immediately profitable based on statistics and ironically, both of the trades that I was public about that did not happen.

Speaker 4:9:45Those traits immediately went into the red, but I had a proper risk management on both of those trades. What happened with my bitcoin trades recently is that I sorted bitcoin around mid October, so about a month ago, I shorted bitcoin around $6,200 with the expectation that they're going to be a crash and a price of bitcoin down to 5,000 and within I think 48 hours tether, the what people refer to as a stable coin became unstable and the price of bitcoin rallied all the way to $7,000 causing a negative position in my portfolio, but I accounted for that weird possibility and up my trade was design for me not to panic unless the price goes all the way to 7,500 so by the price go in $800 against me, which is probably about 10 percent of the price of an asset. It may seem on reasonable, but if you know that bitcoin is volatile and you know that it can move 10 percent against you on a random incident and your trade accounted for that possibility.

Speaker 4:10:59I did not panic. I stayed with that trade and if it wasn't for, there were other things involved that basically my account ended up being closed down, which was, you know, out of my control, but had my account not been closed down, that trade would have been immensely profitable today because I would have held on to that trade because the bitcoin did exactly what I expected it to do. It just didn't add one month later, but by trade also accounted for that. I gave myself three months for the price to crash out to 5,000. I accounted for me being wrong up to 20 percent and about trade was properly set up and properly put in place and I never panicked all throughout. And that's another really good lesson for traders is if you have the right plan, you should never ever have to panic and scrambled. A lot of our are not actually

Speaker 2:11:54necessarily traded, so what you're talking about is putting parameters in place like a stop loss or take profit depending on if you're going up or down. If you're going on a long or short in order to protect your potential losses and possibly even make less money, but at least get out of the game and before you potentially lose the lot,

Speaker 4:12:11yes, people don't understand this. They expect traders to be able to perfectly sell the very top to the penny or perfectly by the very bottom to the penny and in reality, not only is that impossible, successful traders don't do that. I mean I can sit here all day long on my videos and try to guess the tops or guests, the bottoms, but when it comes to putting your money on the line, it needs to only be the case when you are very certain that the price is going to move somewhere and people try to make fun of the fact that I've been bearish and I've been saying the price of Bitcoin is going to keep going down to $5,000 in lower since the middle of January. So I've been seeing this for almost 11 months. But the first time I made a trade was only a month ago and people have a hard time comprehending.

Speaker 4:13:02Why did I only make a trade a month ago and I missed all of the profits I could have made between $15,000 a bitcoin when I started being bearish on the market and $6,000 a bitcoin and eventually took the short at 6,000. Well, because statistically I had 20 times more confidence that we will fall from 6,000 to 5,000 than I ever did from $15,000 down to even 10,000. Even though I had to say that I am bearish and I am expecting the price to fall from 15,000 to 10 and 10 to eight and then two, six. I wasn't confident enough to put my money on it. I was only 55 to 60 percent confident that we were going to fall. Obviously tell people we're going higher. If I'm 60 percent confident we're going to fall, but me being 60 percent confident is just not enough to put a leverage tradeoff.

Speaker 4:14:04But last month I felt that I was 85 to 90 percent confident we were going to fall down to $5,000 and people just can't comprehend that. You know your chances of winning a lot of money is not how to place a bet. If you go into a horse race and there was some horse that's a 100 to one odds of winning, that's not the horse you'd necessarily want to bet on. Even though you have a chance to win a lot of money, the chances of winning dop money is small. In reality, you should be betting on the horse that's not a 100 to one underdog, but maybe a two to one favorite. If you have confidence that they miss allocated and it's not really a two to one favorite. It shouldn't be a sort of one favorite because you have some kind of a statistical advantage of that horse winning. So it's not always about how much you can. When it's your chances of winning that money.

Speaker 2:15:01It's about education. It's all psychology, isn't it? We have people with a high risk tolerance and people with a much lower risk tolerance and the amounts that they playing with. So I think there is so much that comes into trading that's over and beyond the red and the green candle. And the logic. Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 4:15:16Creating his experience. I've never met any young hot traders. The knob struggle in the beginning and I've been doing this publicly in bitcoin predicting the price of bitcoin publicly for four years. Just like the article you pointed to that was followed a written just before I started writing for Coin Telegraph that this kind of analysis and people didn't like me back in 2014 because I was bearish on the price of Bitcoin, but people forget I wasn't one of the biggest balls cheering bitcoin on all through our 2016 and most of 2017. Even at a time where people were scared, people were scared of the hard fork. People were scared in 2016 after the big bear market and I was the one sharing it on. Everyone was happy with me during the bull market, but reality sets in and people just have a hard time comprehending that. Bitcoin is a speculative asset like everything else and it's sad to fear and greed

Speaker 2:16:16kind wanted to ask you if we don't have a lot of time, but it's unfortunately you've had to go off to another appointment in your studio. It sounds all very vehicle. Can. I wanted to ask you about the recent Barcelona cruise and there was some disputes that got raised and there was certainly aired very publicly on social media and other forms of media between Roger Jimmy Song and you, each of you or three very famous influences in the crypto space. Can you comment on that?

Speaker 4:16:40Sure. It was unfortunate. The bitcoin and that op splitting into two sides and the people both thought that they had bitcoin. However, it was pretty obvious from the start, the bch bitcoin cash that I like to refer to as b cash. Even though the bitcoin cash supporters fines be cash derogatory, but they only find that derogatorily because they're trying to steal the branding of bitcoin. It was obvious what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is the one that's valued at 95 percent more money. It's like saying, Hey, I have a version of gold. It is better than gold, but it's worth 95 percent less. That's not how it works. The side dot basically was pretending to be bitcoin continues to be very vocal about it and they do have a lot of money and they do have a lot of influential people trying to convince other people that they are the real bitcoin and that's unfortunate and we were always against that side of the fork because we knew that it was insecure and we knew that it was centralized and we knew that it couldn't last as a trustless censorship resistant, encompassed, scalable form of value transfer.

Speaker 4:17:54And right now sometime in about 15 hours from this recording, I believe I've fourth Dodi PM UTC time on Thursday, November 15th, there's going to be a serious reorganization of the bch side and I'm going to be doing like a four or five hour live stream and it's possible that coin can actually come to an end. And we were warning people about this. And even during the debates, I continue to stress the fact that the dch blockchain is insecure and unstable and using it as a store of value is outright dangerous for your financial freedom. And we'll see in about two days we will know if I was 100 percent right or only 80 percent right.

Speaker 2:18:40That's fascinating. We'll be watching with bated breath. 10, we also wanted to ask you, we had some friends, some other media professionals that we're, um, colleagues with who were on the cruise and we also saw it on the social media and we even watched a video about it, but it was heavily advertised that there were a lot of women hired to come on the cruise who were basically paid to walk around and very scanty bikinis and what have you. What are your thoughts on women being presented in this crypto ecosystem in that way? And what sorts of messages do you think that sending to girls and young women thinking to enter the space?

Speaker 4:19:13That's an interesting question. So

Speaker 2:19:15yeah, it was a bit of,

Speaker 4:19:17I guess, fortunate incident. Let me see here. Let me, let me know. Get myself in trouble, so I was on the prior cruises awhile and as you know, the crypto industry, like the math and science and other stem fields, it's pretty much dominated by men and the crypto space in a blockchain space is no different. The prior crews, there was a lot more men than women on the last cruise and uh, because this cruise, the entire boat was being rented out and the entire boat was charted. I guess the organizers felt that there would be a huge disparity between the number of men and the number of women. So the women that were hired to kind of help on the cruise and I guess, you know, provide some kind of balance between the male female ratio. The women that were hired were women a generally from the Russian region, Russia, Ukraine, and.

Speaker 4:20:14Sure there were a little bit on the younger side, obviously our age, they were like, I don't know, between 20 and I don't know, probably between 20 and 30 and perhaps they hired a few too many. And also it looked like not as many people registered for that cruise than they expected. And also, I believe that because it was a cruise, they underestimated how many males would bring like a female friend of theirs or their wives or their girlfriends or you know, other female employees in their companies. So they just mismanaged how many women, I guess higher and uh, it looked worse, I believe than it actually was. And that was about it. I mean as far as I understand the women weren't hired to do anything illicit or bad and they were specifically told just to be there for conversation and just to even out that ratio in balance a little bit.

Speaker 4:21:08I mean it's not something I would have done as the organizer of that cruise. But again, I'm sure it might completely flip on the next cruise because of the bad pr of that incident. They're probably going to hire none on the next one. And all the male dominated industry that decided to bring their wives and girlfriends. That probably got into a lot of trouble because of the cruise organizers on the next one. They might go by themselves and then you realize that there aren't any, this, these things fluctuate. And they usually find that balance. Eventually.

Speaker 3:21:40My advice would be instead of paying people to come and pay for the slots and the trip on the boat,

Speaker 4:21:47four

Speaker 3:21:47other, you know, non crypto people just pay people, make a bet and not to jump on the ship and go on a cruise. And every other woman in crew, we would have happily come on that cruise. But that's why the Bible says one other question that I wanted to ask you, early the shoe. We interviewed a guy who was revealed as being involved in a pump and dump scheme. Have you ever been invited to any of these kinds of groups and what are your thoughts about it?

Speaker 4:22:10Yes. The thing I've never really been invited into those groups, influencers start those groups. An influencer wouldn't really want me in a group like that because they're the ones that are orchestrating it. Yeah. People get mad at me for this. I come from traditional Wall Street, everyone you know, accuses Goldman Sachs and all the other wall streeters. Yeah. Of being, you know, the worst of the worst and being scammers and being evil. And I worked at bear stearns during the collapse when bear stearns one down right down the street, Lehman Brothers went down. I knew a lot of people from both of those companies. Ninety five percent of the people, probably everybody I've met where are honest, hardworking people. Nobody wanted the company to go down. Nobody wanted to lose their jobs. Nobody wanted to be in a situation where they can provide for their family. And almost everybody I met when I worked on Wall Street for honest, responsible people in the crypto space, I feel the complete opposite.

Speaker 4:23:09Traditional Wall Street. I meet a person. There's a 95 percent chance. He's a very honest person here in the crypto space, I feel the complete opposite. Ninety five percent of the people I meet are just. Scammers don't want to print their own money. It's so much worse by percentage in this space. So I'm not surprised at all. Most of the people are trying to run some kind of a pump and dump so they can just make money prompt scammy coin. I get asked all the time, so I'd be advisors and promote these scammy project. And the only thing that comes to my mind is, wow, the person asking me has absolutely no idea who I am, because if that person knew who I was, I'm the last they would email or contact. So I was getting so many of those emails and texts that I just walked away from it.

Speaker 4:23:51I have to either a couple of people to kind of sift through all that so that I don't have to see it. I'm getting frustrated with her for almost the same reason. I'm just trying to make my communication one way so that I don't have to see any replies back because 95 percent of them are so useless that it's almost not even worth it. Spending so much time looking through nonsense only to find that five percent of useful replies. Like at this point, it's almost not worth the time spent until the space cleans itself up and I just don't see the space cleaning itself up until the market falls hard enough and big enough for these scammers to actually lose all their money or for people for who they lost money to get very, very serious. About what they're going to do about these scammers that last them the money by promoting outright scams to them and getting them to buy into them.

Speaker 2:24:46Yeah. It's a tricky thing for new people coming into the space to be able to sort of find a diamond in the rough, isn't it? Because there is just so, so much available. We're aware that your time is extremely limited. Two things I wanted to ask you. First of all, when we tweet you to say, Hey, tone, the podcast is out. Please don't ignore us. We're not a scam. We want you to read for us. Will you do that?

Speaker 4:25:07Yeah,

Speaker 2:25:09thank you. And secondly, well actually there are three things. So secondly, on telegram, you remember when we met and you showed me your telegram handle and we started to chat. I'm actually starting to realize how privileged and grateful we are for having this opportunity to talk with you and having that personal connection, but actually somebody else called tone bays with an identical photograph and all the rest started to communicate with me as well. And for awhile there I couldn't tell the real view from the pretend you, and you had said to me that quite a few people are pretending to be here, which is tricky. Before we wrap up, can you tell us your favorite quote, the same that gets you by in the darkest moments or just something that you've carried with you in your heart throughout your life? Saying a quote or a mantra, an idea

Speaker 4:25:48that should have prepared for this one? I honestly do not have one and that's because throughout my life I've gone through so many career changes. I started out studying geology. Then I went on to being a teacher than I one thing, got a masters in financial engineering and worked on Wall Street. Then I became a trader because on Wall Street that wasn't my job. We were building risk models, but I want it to be a trader. So I started being a trader. Then I transitioned to being a public speaker. Now I feel like my job as a content creator and a youtube podcasts there and I'm already like looking at what am I going to do next? What am I going to do after bitcoin and it's probably might come sooner than people think. Am I going to stick with the INA podcast or so because I don't stick to one thing.

Speaker 4:26:35I always transition. I always move on. Then I always try to learn new things. I never had any kind of a single slogan. They usually correlate to your life, but my life is so dynamic and how the transition that I've never even lived in one place. My family immigrated Russia when I was young, lived in New York, went to university in Florida now 10 months traveling the world, so I try not to hold onto anything because everything is flexible. Everything is adjustable. You're always learning and a lot of these I can come up with a bunch of phrases, but I'd have to really think about them.

Speaker 2:27:13What can I share mine with you? It's my favorite. It also correlates with my surname and it's probably the only time in my life history that I've been grateful to have the surname paths. Would you like to hear it? Of course. This too shall pass.

Speaker 3:27:27No, I've seen that.

Speaker 4:27:29Like people have tattooed on their arm

Speaker 2:27:33transients

Speaker 3:27:34that shouldn't be yours time, that should be yours because all of your life stories pass and you move on to other things.

Speaker 2:27:41Yeah.

Speaker 3:27:43Yeah.

Speaker 4:27:43That's a really good one.

Speaker 2:27:46Thank you so much for joining us today. Amy Rose, have you got closing words you'd like to share?

Speaker 3:27:51It was an absolute pleasure and you handled our rough questions pretty well.

Speaker 2:27:57I did just want to mention that I did hear it as well and I heard the goal site themselves. We no speak English. We speak English so I was wondering whether they were hired to be in conversation or to be conversation pieces as my mother used to say it in a parties, but on that closing note, I'm going to leave it there. Thank you so much for joining us again.

Speaker 4:28:16Thank you.

Speaker 3:28:16Thanks Tom. Bye.

Speaker 4:28:18Bye. Bye.

Speaker 3:28:24Yeah.

Speaker 2:28:30Alright. Alright, so I think it got a little bit uncomfortable. We started talking about the batter to Lorna cruise. I think that got a little bit. What do you think?

Speaker 3:28:39I think so too. He ended it really well and I don't know why he got that uncomfortable. It wasn't anything that he had organized. He was just around in that event, so he wasn't the person who hired a whole bunch of Russian, I'm going to say escorts. He didn't call them that, but they were models as gods. There will hired women.

Speaker 2:29:00That was beautiful. They were very young. They are extremely slim and they will very little so make of that what you will end from the video that I saw. They didn't speak English as was confirmed by one of our colleagues or podcast or who was on the cruise. I got quite vocal around this whole issue too,

Speaker 3:29:15and eyes at the time. That's one way around this. If you want more women on cruises, if they're not buying tickets, if you've got a budget for a $1,000,000 to have a bunch of Russian ladies come onto the bike. How about your rate cat to the women who are already retired can say he's a ticket. He is your flaps come on board. The love boat.

Speaker 2:29:36Excuse depends because if the intention really was for having stimulating conversations with people that don't speak English, I guess it was either through sign language which is open to interpretation or 80 was simply not the case because if they want to have stimulating conversation than years, we need to be getting women on there who are interested in this space and who can comment on things and possibly even challenged some of these ideas and thought leaders. That'll be entertaining for next year to see what happens and also to see if we get to go on a cruise. I won't be wearing a bikini that I think you'll all be happy about that. I don't know. I might disagree. I want to say, Ha, this is what happens.

Speaker 2:30:17It was an interesting and varied conversation. I'm extremely grateful that tone was able to make time during his Australian into it to have a chat with us and it's good to know that he's not a pumper in Denver on the craze that Sandra. I'd be very surprised if the whole bitcoin cash sort of infrastructure crumbles, but there was a pretty interesting sort of bob about the fact that over the next day and a half that it might all come to a grinding holt that'll keep me glued to his youtube channel to watch the live stream and to see what developments unfold. It is going to be juicy, but you'd be surprised as to the sentiment in the bitcoin cash, bitcoin cash, SV, ABC, whatever's going on at the moment. It's all very confusing, but they're very stoic in their position standing with the bitcoin cash team, so there's a lot of debate.

Speaker 2:31:03This is true, but they don't think it's going anywhere. I am interested to ask you though, I'm back onto the models in bikini number. What am I such? Do you think that sending out to young girls in the space, Amy Rose, because I realized I asked quite a long question and tone didn't actually address the final part of the question because we got onto other things. This is my position. Women can wear whatever they want. I don't care if they're wearing bikinis. Okay. Who wears a bikini? If Satoshi wears a bikini, what I do care about is paying people who aren't in this space, paying women who aren't in the space to come on to put a sticker on the boat, that there's diversity, when in fact is diversify the space at all. It is one event that hasn't impacted on the cryptocurrency sphere at all.

Speaker 2:31:48In fact, it's branded it with a bad taste. So what does it do for young girls who were interested in crypto first, I don't know many young girls who are interested in Crypto, but about our daughters. Yeah. If women being sexualized in any way publicly, but for whatever reason, for whatever they're wearing or whatever they're doing, then it takes away from the person themselves who they are, their real strengths, their mind and what they contributing to the world. For some reason as society sees, women who were in there became easy as not massive contributors to the world, but it's kind of like the notion of brawn. Even though it might not be muscular, but brawn, not brain, and it's not really a great message to be sending out to young women whether they're in the space or any other space because I feel like what it does, it sends out an absolute stereotype gender role, a classic pigeon holing of this is what women are good for and this is what men are here to talk about and it's very divisive.

Speaker 2:32:53I mean, we caught some flack over creating a women in blockchain event and we made it very open that men were welcome and you know, a third of the room were men who were contributing to the conversation and raving about it. Those men came of their own volition. They certainly weren't paid to be there and they certainly went into Kenny's, but can you imagine if women ran an event and they had a whole cohort of men wearing very tight leopard skin testicle holders through the event who didn't speak English and he didn't have an opinion on crypto? Can we just reverse it and see what message that would send out to the male world? It would drive me insane. They would find it so disrespectful and yet as women it seems to be an expectation that we'll just roll over if you'll excuse the button and take it and I find it really disappointing.

Speaker 2:33:36It is disappointing, but we are moving into a better direction. All of the men who have supported that position, that what happened on that crew should not have happened and women and men who are legitimately excited about cryptic currency should beyond the cruise old people who wanted to become excited about it. Hiring and using tickets for women whose primary responsibility was to entertain and to look beautiful and I guess decorate the ship. It really takes away from the real reason why that event happened and I want to make it clear. I'm fearing that I'm sounding a bit like a moral compass here. I don't mean to sound judgmental about the women themselves. Like you said, for me, I don't have an issue against women who have that role in society, but the way that the whole thing was orchestrated and constructed, it felt very, very artificial, but they'll do it better. People just keep learning. They made a mistake and I think they're aware of that. I don't think they're going to do it again, and I say, do good luck. Credibility. Mitis. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks so much for the chat today. Always a pleasure to catch up with you and I guess I shall see you on the other side.

Speaker 1:34:49Hi

Speaker 2:34:50Coulter and Amy Rose at crypto. Message

Speaker 1:34:54drafted the.

Speaker 5:35:03Oh, I understand that. A lady thing to be thinking that blockchain is going to be revolutionizing our world and that you are seeing in cryptocurrency as the future of money. However, I would like to remind you that when Mr Edison was creating electricity for the first time, no body was waffling on, on, on, on podcasts, and creating episode after episode after episode about the possible literations of electricity in the future. I mean, I'm at my, my widescreen TV. I've got my lovely floor lamp. There's all sorts of things we could have talked about way back then, but we didn't waste people's time. I wish you wouldn't either.

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