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Lyn Ulbricht mother of Ross Ulbricht discussing the Free Ross Campaign on Crypto Clothesline - Part 1
November 02, 2018 Crypto Clothesline

In the first instalment of our three part series on the Free Ross Campaign ( we introduce Lyn Ulbricht, the dedicated mother of Ross Ulbricht.  

Lyn’s heartbreaking and tragic journey with her son began when Ross was convicted of seven charges and a double life sentence plus 40 years condemning Ross to die behind bars. 

We chat to Lyn about the site created by her son – ‘Silk Road’ once found on the dark web (and which is no longer online).  We discuss the extreme sentencing Ross has been subjected to for creating the site and the harsh reality that Ross never committed any violent crimes, never harmed another person and simply created an ecommerce site.   Lyn also explains the many irregularities in the case as well as the impact on her health, her family and most of all, her son.

“So he turned to the Internet and created this website and the purpose of it was not to sell drugs, which is what you will read in much of the media. It was to provide an open market that protected the privacy of its users and the only means of exchange on it was bitcoin.”

We also chat to family friend of the Ulbricht’s Michelle Ray, a mother and founder of ‘Clearvoter’ who tirelessly advocates for privacy.  Michelle chats with us about how Ross’ sentence was created as an example and a persuasive way to make people believe that anyone who participates in cryptocurrency or privacy centric platforms have ill intent. 

It is easy to see where Ross inherits his strength from as we follow Lyn through the story behind her son’s convictions and her endless pursuit to free her only son from his cage.  

“He's 34 now, he's not the same person, but this judge has condemned him to die in prison for something he did on a computer when he was 26 and they were all non-violent.” Lyn Ulbricht

From a man who advocated for free speech, privacy and human rights it is easy to understand the movement behind the Free Ross Campaign. The case behind Ross’ sentencing calls for questioning particularly with respect to the fact his guilt has never been proven as well as the evidence tampering and corruption within the investigation.

We strongly urge you to head to FreeRoss.Org and sign the petition. 

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