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Jerry Farsoun of Leelou on Crypto Clothesline
October 18, 2018 Crypto Clothesline

This week we interview Jerry Farsoun the founder of Leelou, an app designed to keep our kids safe. Brace yourself as we travel through the conversation with some warm and fuzzies as well as some reality shocks around the story behind this incredible new application. 

Ironically, this episode was recorded on R U OK day in Australia, a day in which we recognize the need for a conversation and the necessary support required for those considering suicide. The story unfolds as Jerry speaks candidly about his suicide attempt and how he was physically and mentally alone. In the months following his attempt he finds that there was a 500 percent increase in calls to a suicide telephone counseling service.  Jerry picks himself up and decides instead to embark on this incredible journey.

Jerry is now a renowned entrepreneur, speaking at events and mingling with the elite. The LeeLou app is a project that as mothers we welcome and as a community we need. 

Join us for an inspiring chat with the man behind the incredible new blockchain safety app.

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