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Kieran Mesquita: Early Bitcoin Developer on Crypto Clothesline
October 05, 2018 Crypto Clothesline

TRUE or FALSE? Bitcoin (with thanks to blockchain) is unbreakable, unhackable and without fault because blockchain technology is the next biggest thing since sliced bread and the internet. False. This week we interview Kieran Mesquita, a Blockchain developer at Blockboxx and an early adopter of cryptocurrency. Kieran was one of the few developers with the skills to tackle a recently found bug in the Bitcoin source code. Kieran being a first mover has an insight into the world of Bitcoin beyond most of us in the community and was generous enough to share with us his experiences and time. Join us as we follow Kieran through his experiences swatting the bugs in the Bitcoin Blockchain, giggling about being a rebel and the continued discussion on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. 

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