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Crypto Clothesline's Podcast
Alex Tinsman - Regional Head of NEM North America on Crypto Clothesline
August 31, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Crypto Clothesline's Podcast

Alex Tinsman - Regional Head of NEM North America on Crypto Clothesline

August 31, 2018

Crypto Clothesline

This week we interview the brilliant Alex Tinsman who is the Regional Head for NEM North America and the mother of three brilliant crypto kiddies. Alex has had a career many would be envious of - from creating the Inside NEM YouTube series (which quickly became the official channel of NEM) and online gaming. In this episode, we dive into how NEM works and although we are slightly confused we know that projects like Travel By Bit (one of our favorites) are using the NEM platform and two of our other favorite people Karen Cohen and Akasha Indream are NEM Ambassadors. Alex also used the great analogy between online gaming and the crypto space but you'll have to listen to hear the full story.... This was an absolute blast of an episode and we can't wait to catch up with Alex again soon.
This week we interview the brilliant Alex Tinsman who is the Regional Head for NEM North America and the mother of three brilliant crypto kiddies. Alex has had a career many would be envious of - from creating the Inside NEM YouTube series (which quickly became the official channel of NEM) and online gaming. In this episode, we dive into how NEM works and although we are slightly confused we know that projects like Travel By Bit (one of our favorites) are using the NEM platform and two of our other favorite people Karen Cohen and Akasha Indream are NEM Ambassadors. Alex also used the great analogy between online gaming and the crypto space but you'll have to listen to hear the full story.... This was an absolute blast of an episode and we can't wait to catch up with Alex again soon.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:31Well, welcome everybody to Crypto Club. This is the place where our aim is to bring women to the front of this wealth revolution.

Speaker 2:0:40How you going a bit of what's going on in your world?

Speaker 1:0:44Pretty good. I'm a little weary. I've had some great opportunities to get public speaking and do some work and get in front of audiences, which has been both exciting, exhilarating and intimidating, but all wrapped up in in great experiences.

Speaker 2:1:03Well that sounds like a little bit of a role. Okay. It's done. Bought. I saw the photos and I'm really impressed. I think in the past two weeks you've done two speaking gigs at massive presentation. I mean you're the MC at both of them. The EMC, which is the coolest person in the room.

Speaker 1:1:21The MC is like the control freak in the room. That has to tell everyone else to shut up when they're talking too long. It's pretty intense.

Speaker 2:1:27Can you imagine the kerfuffle if there wasn't an answer that you need an MC?

Speaker 1:1:33It's like the party host or the organizer. I think Chris Dorian from build sorta not this one, but at the last one who said to me, Oh, I'm getting off the stage before she gets to me. It was

Speaker 2:1:48like, crack the whip and you know what? It keeps a plumb line and I'm just gonna throw it out there. Cracking the whip. Sometimes I left time for bs.

Speaker 1:2:00There was this lady who commented, I'm on linkedin and Johnny Sweaty Polk, blockchain Perth and Frigo he loves swimming and he said to me yesterday, have been, you've been to nice on Linkedin, you've got to be meaner and this one be put up this post. I'm going to tag it for you, and it said he was just totally up with crypto and stuff. We should. We should interview. She sounds really Sassy. She went, I don't have time for your bs. If you ate, don't rock up on time to appointments. Be telling me bullshit. See, don't honor what you said. You've got to do all cheat. She made a bullet point list of stuff she will not suffer.

Speaker 2:2:37I know who you're talking about as well. That part, I'm a little bit scared of that person to be honest. I can't, you know, as someone in, in the crypto space, I'm getting really sick of using the word space and you know, but like I don't want to feel afraid of someone, you know, it's so new. W why would you people feel uncomfortable but, but for approaching you.

Speaker 1:3:03But do you know what Johnny's point was this, he also talked about another woman, and I can't quite remember her name, but we'll find it out and I'll put it in the show notes. And Johnny said something to me like I'd be. There was this woman when they first started talking about porn and paying for porn with a certain coin. She posted a picture of herself and looking over her shoulder with a saucy look in her underwear. And she put it on linkedin saying, I'm just heading to the bedroom to spend my whatever. This corn, what porn was a coin was. And he said it got literally like, it got a ton of likes and, and connection. And, and he was basically saying, you know, like you've got to break the rules is a bit square bit. I can't say that I'm going to be in my md is giving us saucy look saying you know, come and spend your bitcoin that, you know, it's just not my story. But clearly she had to carry it off.

Speaker 2:3:59I want to see that post and you know, what all credit to that lady, she sounds hardcore. I don't know if I'd do it and you know, I think breaking rules my whole life.

Speaker 1:4:07Yeah. But there are different roles. Like we have genius types and there are certain areas with compute breaking rules and this certain areas we saw don't confuse breaking rules and I'm just not assessed girl. I just don't do. Yes.

Speaker 2:4:18I'm definitely not doing sexy poses on linkedin. I just thought not the flight. I will happily these sexy poses on instagram.

Speaker 1:4:25Okay. Well we'll, we'll have to watch out for our instagram account. Actually. We must include that in the show notes.

Speaker 2:4:31I think so. I don't think I'll put it on the, on the clothes line one. Oh, Jay's like getting gray savory than us at the moment is that we interviewed Alex teens from him today. He's in North America.

Speaker 1:4:52She is and what I loved about talking to Alex was she was just such a regular, easy to easy to approach person. That's somebody who talked very proudly about her kids and they're understanding and developing research into cryptocurrencies themselves.

Speaker 2:5:08We could. We could really relate to Alex and I'm. I'm so glad we had her own because she's really dedicated to the crypto and blockchain space and she mentioned in the interview where she worked voluntarily for him and had a youtube channel and she did that over. I'm of her own volition. Yeah, and I'm. I'm really impressed by her and I'm impressed with Nam. We are hopefully working with travel by bit for the city of Fremantle coming up. Which war are we? Gonna. We can't say much about that, but in layman's terms, think of men as a competitor for both etherium and report because it's going to be able to sign contracts and deal with documents and uploading and applications and plugging. So. So that is what name it's people are building applications on top of them, so I'm just just a little bit of a backstory on them that's coming up in the interview

Speaker 1:6:08and the that she talked about, him being a plugin play blockchain. I don't pretend to really understand what that means. I think you've got far more technical knowhow. Not because I think I'm not good enough just because I don't think it's my area of expertise. But can you talk a little bit more about that Ab road?

Speaker 2:6:24I don't know how much I can give you because I didn't know of that name a great deal, but from what I gather, a plugin is something that they built to make it easy for applications to put their technology onto their platform.

Speaker 1:6:39Okay. And we also discussed which businesses are what kinds of needs that the business would not. Let's reword that. We also discussed what kinds of businesses would benefit from being on the blockchain because it, it, it, you know, we, we spoke to Dr Jane Thomason, didn't we? And she said that it's the new sexy term and everybody's talking about blockchain, but it's actually not for everyone and it's not for every kind of business. So that was a really interesting part of the conversation as well.

Speaker 2:7:08I think everyone needs to start talking about that as well. And she did make some excellent points. So for any businesses that are listening, you might actually not need blockchain or you might vary very much native. So what's, and listened to what she had to say. Yes. Welcome Alex Tansman, Bravo Nim. You're the regional head for them in North America. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Speaker 3:7:30Thank you. I'm so excited to be here and talk with you too.

Speaker 1:7:34It gets very much welcome to Crypto clothesline. It's a real thrill for us to meet you.

Speaker 2:7:38We think you're doing awesome. Awesome work. And we want to hear all about it. Can you tell us a little bit about what you're doing at Nam and what is meant?

Speaker 3:7:46Sure. So I am the regional head of North America for the Nem blockchain. And nameth is a really fascinating blockchain. It is a plugin play. Blockchain and what that really means is that we have smart built in smart contracts, so plugins and that makes it super easy for anyone to develop on our platform and it's safe and it's scalable and it's 100 percent new code and we all, we have all these advanced smart features that are built right into our core and it's a great platform. It's been around since 2014. We've got team members all over the world and so I am setting up North America and I've been with them for maybe maybe about a year and a half, almost two years.

Speaker 2:8:34How's the, I guess the space going in North America. We're all the way in Australia where everything's really really far away, but can you tell us about what happens over there in the crypto space, like other need ups? Is it similar to the risk?

Speaker 3:8:47Yeah, I mean I can't imagine being in another industry right now. There is just so much excitement that's going on in the world of blockchain and in North America you are seeing a lot of regulations shift. The SEC certainly has opinions on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but I do see that there's been an emergence of technology and innovation in this space. I'm seeing a lot more companies that are starting up and having success on the platform and it's not just them, you know, you're seeing companies on the theory of you're seeing a lot of momentum in a lot of different verticals where the whole goal is to create, you know, a new model of trust and security and serve new markets and we're able to do that in the blockchain space and cryptocurrencies. They are the future, right? Anything that can be tokenized will be tokenized in the future.

Speaker 3:9:46And so having, having the ability to build a team and to work with such talented developers and our community is just a privilege for me to work alongside all of these folks that knew them. And you know, we are one of the very few blockchains out there that have hundreds and hundreds of companies that are not just building on our platform but also deploying. And that's a big deal. You know, we've been around since 2014, so we've been bullet tested were tried and true and because of that we actually have a lot of our companies do the promotion, uh, companies that are building on our platform do the promotion for us because what better way to tell your story then then use the success of others to share what they're able to build and deploy and, and how they're succeeding in the space using our platform.

Speaker 1:10:40For those listeners who have no clue what name is or what a platform is or what it means to have companies building on your platform. Can you explain that? So for example, this is my favorite way of asking people. If you were at a bus stop and you had to tell people how your business helps other people, could you, could you do that in complete best doctors?

Speaker 3:11:01Oh yeah, sure. So what blockchain is, it's basically a ledger. So think of it as the ultimate way to keep track of information and data. And if you have all this data, it's really easy to make sure that that data is legit because it's timestamped, meaning you can actually see when that data was recorded. And what's really cool about this data is that it's immutable, so you can actually say when it was recorded and you can show that this data has not been falsified, so everybody should actually care about blockchain because the data that you, your, your personality, not your personality or persona, who you are, your identity, it's all wrapped up in data and data is gold, right? So actually having a way to track data and take care of data and actually verify data is a big deal. And so that's really what blockchain is.

Speaker 3:11:58It's just verification of data and it's done in such a way that can't be falsified and it can be proven to be the actual data. So for example, a lot of people confuse bitcoin and blockchain and then they think there's just locked chain per se. And this blockchain, somebody was discussing it yesterday at a conference that I was at and he went on to mention that there are lots of different types of blockchain. So how does Nim vary from other types of blockchain? For example, blockchain that etherium is built on? Yeah. So if their aim is actually a blockchain that powers a virtual machine. So it basically powers custom made programs and those custom made programs that are called smart contracts. So they're not really run and the block chain there are more, it's like a decentralized computer on top of blockchain. And ethereum is a really good blockchain.

Speaker 3:12:49And if you want customized smart contracts, which are really programs, right? If there's customized programs that you want to create on blockchain, ethereum is a great block chain to do that. However, ethereum has, you know, has good things and bad things. And with the Barium, there are some security risks and it's a new language, a new programming language. So it's really difficult and there's, there are challenges with it. But that being said, the theory, um, is a really good blockchain nim is different. So nem really makes the blockchain as a database solution because you're able to use all of these, all of these things by our plugins. We have plugins that are built directly into the core and we basically have templatized smart contracts, meaning these have been tested, they are proven, they're safe. Uh, we've taken the majority of the smart contracts out there, templatize them so that anyone who wants to build on blockchain can, and they can do it easily using our plugin. So it's a really great solution for companies that want to build on blockchain, maybe don't need customized smart contracts and it's cost efficient. It's scalable. Like I said, it's tested and that's a big deal to actually see what companies are building on blockchain and which ones are able to scale. And nem can do a lot of them.

Speaker 2:14:08We've been interviewing a few people with, with various projects, but one of them is traveled by bit.

Speaker 3:14:14Oh they're so great. We love travel. Bobet.

Speaker 2:14:17Yeah. So they partnered up with them and I'm just wondering, you've got a plugin that allows people to use the travel by a bit system to make payments as it is that how that works, do you know?

Speaker 3:14:28And traveled by bit, I don't know all the details traveled by but is built on an m and they're one of the many companies that have built on on them. But really, so if we were to take a step back or our platform, you have, you have a blockchain. We have our net chain and really we have something that we call smart assets and all these are. These are the templatized smart contracts. These are self contained, pretested built in smart contracts and they work with all different kinds of Apis, thanks to Api as you can make all kinds of apps with them. And the other thing that you're referring to is a mosaic. So travel by bit has created in mosaic and really this is just a digital asset. It's a digital asset on them and a mosaic can represent cryptocurrencies. They can represent tickets or coupons, ious, really any kind of asset. And so that's, that's really what mosaics are right there. There are any kind of digital asset that you use

Speaker 2:15:26on blockchain after giving a bit of research on you. It's a very extensive background. I have to say you're a mom and you've got three kids, but you've also got 20 years in gaming now. A lot of people are gonna. Think you're really, really cool. Now. Can you tell us how you went from, from gaming to blockchain?

Speaker 3:15:47Yeah, sure. So I have two decades of marketing and community development experience and like you said, I have a focus on online gaming. So pre Crypto, I worked on a lot of the world's first digital tradable objects on Pokemon online magic, the gathering online. I worked for riot games on League of legends. I worked for Xbox, so just as in and I'm a game designer and own a board game company with my husband. And so a lot of what we would do is, um, the past 20 years market and we marketed games and we would, uh, create basically digital economies for games. And it's been a pretty amazing experience. And we took a lot of that knowledge and we get royalties from our games and we took those royalties and began to invest them in new ways. So we looked at gold and silver and the stock market and tried those out.

Speaker 3:16:41And really, cryptocurrency was, was pretty exciting world to us. And so we began like everyone with bitcoin a few years back and, you know, I, I fell in love with the, the technology for blockchain and then began to look more at the different platforms and cryptocurrencies. And that's how I got started. I got, I got sucked in by the glamour of it. And then really by the time that we began to do our research on different blockchains, that's when, that's when we discovered nem. But yeah, it's been, I feel like it's a great parallel between gaming and cryptocurrencies because if you'll, if you'll forgive me for a second while I just, you know, uh, go off on a tangent here, but in games you have a virtual marketplace like steam in the crypto world, you have a virtual marketplace like coinbase. So there was a lot of familiarity with me, uh, being able to buy digital items because it was something that I was comfortable doing.

Speaker 3:17:39And in the gaming world you have online personas, right? So everyone uses avatars and you don't always know who you're speaking with will at the same thing as like that. In the crypto space, right? You have a ton of different personalities out there and they're larger than life. And in gaming you have a reputation system where you're trying to level up while the same thing is in cryptocurrency, right? Everyone's trying to go after the loot and kind of figure out the best coin and what they should back. And as you get more experience, you get more comfortable with different platforms. So there really is a reputation system out there. And then I look at guilds. In gaming, you have guilds like twitch. This is the place where you get together and you can kind of learn the insider secrets or you're working with all different kinds of personalities and your banding together to go after the common goal.

Speaker 3:18:33And when you succeed, everybody succeeds. Will you have that same, you know, that same kind of platform through telegram groups and different platforms where reddit and, and bitcoin talk where people come together and they share their knowledge and I really do think of that as a guild. And in gaming you have ad-ons, right? These are things can be digital items that you're purchasing either to level up your experience or to make it so that you are more protected against the environment around you. On same thing, same thing in the crypto space. I look at lead a ledger and trays or as your armor against, uh, you know, having people come after your gum after your coins, right? It's a protest. It's a protection and you know, and in the end actually bitcoin is, if you can imagine mario and Luigi, you know, uh, on the screen and you're, you're playing a game and a super, Super Mario brothers and they're jumping up and down that going after the coin.

Speaker 3:19:31People are doing that in droves right now with bit coin and they're trying to go after all the different coins. And you know, the end goal is to, is to succeed with wealth, but I mean that's what the only reason why people are in this space right now, they're in this space for a lot of different reasons, whether it's innovation or social good, but you know the parallels between gaming, video gaming and Crypto, we're actually quite familiar to me, and it's not unheard of to have a digital item in the gaming world that's worth while you're paying real fee, that you're paying real money for an item that can cost $100 or a thousand dollars or even more than that. Right? Some some video games. You pay a lot of money for digital items. Well you do that in the crypto space to all of these different skills that I've learned over the years were very applicable to the space that I'm in now.

Speaker 1:20:26That's a really interesting analogy and it did make me laugh. This image of I'm a little lambo to the moon. Yeah. Age that are running around the screen and try to chase a bit quitter. It's pretty funny.

Speaker 3:20:40At the end, I think it was in the beginning and the beginning when I began to look at different, different blockchain platforms, what I really wanted was one that had been tested and had showed the most promise, you know, in the beginning I began to look at coins, cryptocurrencies, that I wanted, something that had a large market cap but a low coin price. And I really didn't find any other than them. And so this is what I began to do. I'm used to working in communities and gaming communities. And so I began to lurk in the Nem community on telegram. There's a channel that they have called bread and it's just like an all purpose ask whatever questions you want, you know, they, they help you out. And that's been, that's been super helpful. So that's how I began. And then the team was gonna have a booth that consensus one year last year.

Speaker 3:21:36And I decided that I wanted to meet them and I said, you know, can I volunteer? I'm one of your community members and I'd love to just come and meet you guys and see if, if you really are as cool as you seem online, right? Let it go, want to know, like who am I actually, you know, dealing with. And so they actually flew me to consensus and I volunteered and I worked with them and I fell in love with the team. They're just, they're fantastic. Fantastic team. And right then and there I said, you know what? I'm going to do a video series for you. I'm going to create a video series called inside them and I just want to interview you guys and I want to talk more about them. And that's actually how it all started. And I did it and they were like, this is awesome.

Speaker 3:22:15Do more. And I'm like, okay, well I will, you know, when it really became like, you know, I'm a very gregarious person and I really just found my tribe. And when you find your tribe, it just clicks. And it was pretty remarkable. It was pretty remarkable experience. And now it's crazy that I look a year, a year and a half later, and now I'm heading up North America for Nem. And during that time it's been a wild ride. You guys. It's been, um, it's been traveling around the world. It's been interviewing many, many partners that are building on our platform. It has been experiencing, um, Nem from the perspective of we had a hack in January of this year where a hacker came in and packed the point check exchange and so $500, million dollars worth of Zen. And what's kind of crazy is that the largest hack in history, but the exchange coin check had actually we'd been working with them and we have something called a multilevel multisig.

Speaker 3:23:21So for all of you out there, that may not be as crypto savvy, multilevel multisig is pretty amazing because you can do 10 or more different levels where you have a sign off and then a sign off and then sign off. And why that matters if, if, if you went to approve a transaction, you have to have a lot of people approve it before it goes to the next step. And so we actually have something like that. We have that in our wallet and it's called multilevel multisig. If the exchange had actually used our multilevel multisig, they would never have been hacked, but they kept other money on the exchange. So. And the reason I bring this up is for a couple of things, a lot of your listeners probably owned some kind of a coin and I want to stress the importance of making sure that you are taking those coins and taking good care of them.

Speaker 3:24:08Don't put up, don't, don't buy all these coins in and not to use a, a cold storage for them, it's what we call a cold storage is a wallet and I use a tresor for my zen, but you know, exchanges are doing the best they can and sometimes they follow really good and know your customer laws, Kyc laws and they try their best to deal with the anti money laundering requirements that are set upon them. But all exchanges are different and so people just need to realize that when you're leaving large amounts of money on an exchange, it is still putting you at risk. So really the best thing that you can do is backup your backup, your cryptos. So this has been a trial by fire experience for me from the very beginning, from starting the video series and working with the community and uh, working with, uh, Nem Foundation and working with a core devs on the product.

Speaker 3:25:05It's just been, you know, I feel like I feel like it's been around for 10 years, but it's only been a few years and uh, it's pretty, it's a pretty wild time for me, you know. Um, there's now, there's actually a bar, there is a bar in Japan called Nem bar where it's a whole bar, where are you paying cryptocurrency for drinks and food and things like that. And it's really cool. It's in Tokyo and they play my videos in the bar. So wild. It's wild to me that and you know, we're really huge in Asia and so I'm trying to bring that awareness to the United States because you know, I'm such a fan of Nem, you know, it really, it was built from the ground up with a focus on security and it's easy to develop on and it can scale, so there's just all these, all these benefits about them that made it attractive to me and just learning about this whole process has been been wild.

Speaker 3:26:06It's just been wild because he must be super, super busy from what I hear. I did do some digging. That's what I'm known for. You have a teenager all the way down to a toddler. Oh my God. I have a 15 year old, a 13 year old and three year old and right before this interview we had a meltdown. So it's all of them, all of them. No, I'm just kidding. No, not all of them had a meltdown. It was mainly the three year old, but yeah, juggling, juggling time as a mom and as someone who's leading a team and working on technology, it's, it's, you know, it can be, can be crazy, but it's pretty fun. But we pay our kids in crypto so they started just when we did and so they, they know all about crypto and um, they have a lot of fun with getting their allowance and crypto and so we have some cool stories that we can share with that too.

Speaker 3:26:58Sure. So I'll tell you about my son. So my son is 13 years old and when he got into crypto he says to me, hey mom, I have $300 an itunes gift cards that I've had over the course of a year and I don't know what to do with it because I'm not going to use. I'm not going to buy any more games. He was Kinda done. And I'm like, all right, well I'll tell you what, you give them to me and I'll basically by you, you know, we'll work together and we can buy $300 worth of crypto. And then you can download block folio and then you can go in and monitor it and get a sense for how cryptos work. And so he did and he got really good at it and that kid at December of last year when the height of Cryptos was really high for a lot of the different coins, kid pulled in thousands of dollars and it was a great learning lesson for him.

Speaker 3:27:53So he actually made around 10 k. Oh my God. He's my hero. Yeah. Yeah, he is my, he was my hair too. I was like, what the hell? Oh my God. I mean he was doing research he yet. It was, it was remarkable because he would spend time every night, an hour every night, which is a good amount of time actually because it adds up over the week and hour. Just researching different platforms and learning the technology and watching videos. But so what he did is he pulled out what he had put into it because that's lesson number one. You always want to pull out what you put into a platform, basically, you know, only be willing to risk what you, what you are comfortable risking. Right? So that was the first thing he learned. The second thing he learned is that you need to also contribute and you need to actually be a creator in the world.

Speaker 3:28:41You can't just take, you have to give. And so the things that he began to do then, or I'm buying experiences or he created a virtual or an ar rig, he built one. I'm using the funds from crypto. He, uh, you know, I built an oculus rift, um, he's and he paid for coding camps using the funds that he had made with his investment. So all of that is really innovative for a kid to learn about and to understand how that he can make his own coin. He can understand the difference between the different coins and the value. And it was just a fantastic lesson for him. And you know, he still to this day a checks block folio every morning to see how his, how his, how his investments are doing really cool. It sounds a little bit like, I have to say, we totally killing it at this moment. Job. Yesterday at this,

Speaker 1:29:42at this summit, I played that one and a half minute video, Amy Rose put together about daughters having a conversation about cryptocurrency and it's an absolute screen. Just these girls talking about things which grown men are grappling with, you know, in their mind. So growing up I should say, and these little people without so many filters, there's so much more acceptance of information because they haven't developed those right. Wrong, good, bad. So to systemized thinking filters that we have as adults and it really brought the house.

Speaker 3:30:12I mean kids are kids are because they, you know, they will tell it to you like it is. And when my kids ask me what the hell is happening with the markets, what's going on? You know, I'm like, that is a great question. I would like to know what is happening with the markets too. And I, you know, I tell them, but I don't know. Sometimes I don't know. Sometimes it's up. Sometimes it's in tiny insider trading. Sometimes it's speculation and rampant fear. Who knows? Right. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down and that's just the way it is, but you know, they, they've learned, they've learned that too and I think it's really important to be able to explain to a child how things work and if they can understand it then everyone else should be able to understand it. Yeah. I mean I think for my son, he's a Gamer and he understood right away digital money because that's what you use in video games. You're using this virtual money. Right. And so for him it was like, oh, there's a way that I can actually make virtual money and have it grow and you know, okay, I have a wallet. Okay. I understand the concept of a wallet and I have virtual money that goes in the wallet. Okay. So you know, for, for him, cryptocurrencies were burdick. He definitely picked up on it right away because of just the very nature. Again, if the parallels between gaming and cryptocurrency,

Speaker 1:31:33there was a whole new thought process developing in the minds of children who are exposed to this information and I feel like it, it can't do anything other than prepare them for a future, which quite frankly we all feel a little uncertain about.

Speaker 3:31:46Yeah. And you know, so about that. So there's never been a time in history when you could create your own money like this, right? Like you can create your own coin. Think about that. That is remarkable and not only that people are doing it and they are using and anything that they, that you can tokenize is being tokenized. You have nations that are reevaluating the way that they're, they're being run and their economies and their looking at the governance. So Mrs, this is really fascinating stuff went in. When you're looking at the role that tokens and Crypto is play, um, it is changing the way that we live, the way that we work. It is absolutely changing that dynamic. And that goes back to that when I saw Dennis [inaudible], who is the former US representative at the United Nations right? He says, we're changing our social and economic reality and we really are, and right now our children are right in the thick of of the very beginning of this new digital economy.

Speaker 3:32:53Alex, thank you so much for joining us. It's been an absolute pleasure to listen to your wealth of information both as a colleague in the space as somebody who clearly knows her tick, which I don't and Games which I don't understand that world, but it. It's just wonderful also to speak to another mom who is juggling all of those things that are smothers, juggle and you know, really enjoying. Yeah. Wow. You know, if, if you had told me a few years back, he, Alex, you're going to be traveling the world. You are going to meet really interesting people that are going to help level up your understanding of the world and economies and you're going to have these experiences where someday you're sitting on the floor of the United Nations or someday you are flying across the world to meet with someone that you've only spoken with online and they've built a product and you helped inspire them.

Speaker 3:33:52Like if you would've told me that this was gonna happen, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me that my kid would have been able to invest in Cryptos and and do as well as he did, I would not have believed you. Right. So now I just stopped and I'm like, you know what, enough of this I'm, I need to just jump in and learn and take it all in and I've done that. And Wow, you can create the life that you want and have the experiences that you want by standing up and participating. Don't be afraid, right? Don't be afraid.

Speaker 1:34:29Well, that was one wealth of information that was passed over there. Did you manage to understand everything that she said?

Speaker 2:34:37I, I didn't and I think this is a repeat. This is where I'm going to have to go back over and have a look, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the ladies in the space. I'm really impressed with the ladies in the space.

Speaker 1:34:53It was just awesome to be able to talk as a couple of mums, whereas as a trio of mums and discuss, you know, how, how she manages her time. I mean, not that we went into that in great detail, but just to hear a mom saying, well, need a managing leading a company and I've got a team of people and I've got three kids, one of whom had a massive meltdown just before we met. I'm like, Oh yeah, this is this universal. It happens all over the world. Not just in my household

Speaker 2:35:21ritual everyday with me. I might tell her, hey mom, I'm at 6:00 in the morning. I have to scream. I can't stop it. You have to understand. I actually have to screen and I'm going to try and get food out of the cupboard. It's locked. Yep. Okay. Again, it's growing about that too. Very good. It's

Speaker 1:35:40now to get context, we have to. You have to put that into context. You can't say that your toddler is being locked out of the cupboard.

Speaker 2:35:48Yeah.

Speaker 1:35:49Some people might think that you're actually incredibly cruel and what a gift. Give some context, talk about the cupcake.

Speaker 2:35:57Okay, so I need to tell everyone that my son is addicted to cupcakes and I continually keep the phrases store full of cupcake so it's my own fault. I know. I know my son who is going to be two next month and he is very much in love with feeding himself. He will just go anywhere and take whatever food end. If he sees that the cafe that there's a piece of glass blocking him from ethics. I can't take them to cafes anymore because he literally screamed in and goes because he can't reach. This is one particular case that he loves. It looks like it's out of the content and I don't know. He, he likes to be able to access food when he feels like it. And so hence the lock and key in the lock and key and yeah. And you also back to the cupcakes. He grabs frozen cupcakes here and he likes the tops. So one day I saw that he had literally eating the tops of every cupcake in the bag and lined them all up on the freezer door. Just destroyed. Just can you just didn't care. Not One little bit.

Speaker 1:37:12Well, at that stage, what was it? Fifteen months or something. I think at 15 minutes. Not Thinking logically. You're just thinking, oh, this is the good bit,

Speaker 2:37:22and he didn't understand how to take the the cupcake wrapper off. So you like to donate the paper. Cla that top with the cupcake.

Speaker 1:37:30You actually can't really blame them. I know a lot of adults have to do the same thing. Exactly. Well, it has been an amazing conversation with Alex. I'm really excited to follow her progress. She suggested at the end when your tech dropped out, but you missed the very end of it and I said goodbye and thank you on your behalf. She mentioned that she would love to connect us with some them people in Australia and also some people that we could potentially be meeting with.

Speaker 2:37:54I'm really looking forward to that conference. We are the media partners and it is a very exciting conference coming up.

Speaker 1:38:01It's super exciting. It's just interesting. Berge, for those of you that have heard the interview, we spoke with Paul sales some weeks ago and he is the organizer of the founder of conscious

Speaker 2:38:13and

Speaker 1:38:14in a nutshell, it's this bringing together of technology in this incredible developments in the in the blockchain world and crypto world, together with human consciousness which is seen to be morphing and changing at the same time and I'm, I'm fascinated to see how, how different speakers are going to be able to present this amalgamation melding

Speaker 2:38:36of these two or these two. Apparently opposite spheres which are very closely related in effect. Well, I'm. I'm really excited too, and I did order myself and the iridium shit very pumped to. Am I here? I am. Shit next week. No, you need to be wearing dark clothes. Lunches enough to get them printed. Go too fast. Gosh theory. Oh really? Oh, well crack your whip a bad. That was for the Associate Kohler. Linkedin. Not For me. We. All right, catch you. Catch you next week. Bye. Hi. You've called a bat and David Rose had crypto. Leave a message after the three, two, one,

Speaker 4:39:34right?

Speaker 5:39:35I'm routing to indicate my unhappiness. Let's say I am discontent and I could reword that further by saying it's not okay. When I flicked through your website, I saw you had a page requesting information for sponsorship. Now, if I understand correctly, I believe this means that you ladies with the crypto clients line podcast are actually looking for sponsors now who, who in their right mind would want to sponsor two women who talk about Em, like leaving? Nothing.

Speaker 2:40:28Yeah.

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