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Paul Seils of Blockconscious Summit on Crypto Clothesline Podcast
July 20, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
This week we launch into the blockchain world alongside Paul Seils who is the creator and brains behind the BlockConscious summit in Brisbane on August 10th-12th. Paul found himself immersed in blockchain and cryptocurrencies after a career in real-estate, project management and entrepreneurship. After following a more alternative route of conscious understanding Paul began advocating for privacy and landed in the cryptocurrency space with the intention of hosting events that will positively impact on the world and bring awareness to those moving into or involved in the space. Paul talks about the summit and the community where people are founding projects with intentions to make an impact on the planet. With 35 speakers over 3 days we discuss projects such as TravelByBit who will be speaking about making crypto payments accessible to merchants encouraging mass adoption as well as talking about why privacy matters. Kosh Prasaad who will be talking about the evolution of money, a topic lacking in every educational institution. You will see Anouk Pinchetti from the Blockchain Centre chatting about Currencies and Governance for the emerging distributed Economy as well as our own Abheeti Kathryn Pass talking about our project Crypto for Kids. With many more speakers lined up, this is not your usual crypto and blockchain event, in fact this has every chance of changing everything you ever thought about the crypto and blockchain space. Grab your tickets as soon as possible, these events get full very very fast. The topics will vary but the underlying current in all will be the discovery of groups and individuals with the intention of developing blockchain based tools and projects that will change the world and every industry in it. Buy tickets to Blockconscious: Find out more about the event: Paul on Linkedin: Remember to review the podcast on itunes and win a TREZOR! Terms and conditions at
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