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Mayor Brad Pettitt of the City of Fremantle on Crypto Clothesline
July 06, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Mayor of the City of Fremantle, Brad Pettitt, has an interesting take on Blockchain technology and its potential role helping create a more sustainable urban environment. In addition, he talks about the potential decentralisation of some aspects of government bodies by employing Blockchain technology - providing transparency and efficiency. With an academic background in sustainability as former Dean of the School of Sustainability at Murdoch University, Brad and the City of Fremantle are perfectly placed to work alongside Dr Jemma Green of Power Ledger, as a natural development to what started as a local infill project in the city suburb of White Gum Valley. In this second stage of the project working in conjunction with Power Ledger, users may be able to trade solar power using this Blockchain technology software by trading peer-to-peer, yet still being connected to the grid. With Blockchain effectively creating a verification process, there is a means to see exactly how much a particular household is consuming, thereby making it easier to fairly trade resources. In terms of other ways that Blockchain tech may end up decentralising some aspects of local government, Brad talks briefly about the potential effect on voting. Instead of going to the polls every 4 years, people can influence their communities more effectively by ‘…having more say more often’ and therefore being more involved because there is a sense that your words matter and cannot be glossed over – literally putting ‘power back into the hands of the people’. Find out more: Mayor Brad Pettitt of the City of Fremantle: City of Fremantle & Power Ledger: Power Ledger: Smart Cities and Suburbs Program:
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