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Dr Sophie Henshaw on Crypto Clothesline - Expert Interview (CryptoGat)
June 28, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Here at Crypto Clothesline, we’ve asked a number of experts and enthusiasts in their fields to comment on the areas of interest that came up in the interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S.) has over 70k followers on Twitter and recently had a fall from grace after he was found to be part of a market manipulation scheme. Dr Sophie Henshaw of Empaths Online, psychologist and expert on workplace bullying, comments on Crypto Clothesline in regards to our interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S), who reveals the extent of the cyberbullying he experienced recently. In our interview with CryptoGat on the Clothesline, we came to understand that after the debacle of being discovered involved in a potential cryptocurrency ‘pump and dump’ scheme, he received death threats, had his personal information hacked and was held to ransom for his crypto accounts. In addition, he spent a period of time living in grave fear for the safety of himself, his family, friends and loved ones. Dr Henshaw says that at times cyberbullying can be devastating and lead to even suicide. People move away, even overseas at times in an attempt to get away from it, but since cyberbullying is online, they’re always a potential target, no matter where they go. Find out more: Websites: LinkedIn: Facebook: To hear the complete interview with CryptoGat (Ivan.s) and all supporting interviews please visit their separate interviews below: CryptoGat (Ivan.s) Matt Morrison of Blockboxx: Nicci Ashby from High Profit Media:
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