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Thomas Jreige (CryptoGat) on Crypto Clothesline Podcast
June 22, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Here at Crypto Clothesline, we’ve asked a number of experts and enthusiasts in their fields to comment on the areas of interest that came up in the interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S.) has over 70k followers on Twitter and recently had a fall from grace after he was found to be part of a market manipulation scheme. Thomas Jreige of Focus Cyber Group Commenting on Cybersecurity in Relation to our Interview with CryptoGat, on Crypto Clotheline. In an interview with Thomas Jreige, Crypto Clothesline discussed how cybersecurity must be top priority with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Thomas has over 20 years’ experience in cybersecurity and online safety. The cyber threats associated with cryptocurrencies are almost exactly the same as the threats we have with the digital money we have now. We use online banking and PayPal all the time, so the problems associated with those systems are also impacting on those dabbling in cryptocurrency. The main issue however is that specific principles behind cryptocurrencies are the driving force behind the attacks. These principles are responsible for the risks that are unique to cryptocurrencies. Thomas explained that in many cases, those who are known to hold cryptocurrency are at some risk, but those who have a significant following or who are crypto influencers suffer the greatest risk. This is the case especially with respect to an influencer we interviewed who goes by the pseudonym ‘CryptoGat’. CryptoGat is an influencer with a Twitter following of over 70,000 people and was recently hacked and extorted for his cryptocurrency after a fall from grace: being identified in a market manipulation scandal. Find out more: Website: LinkedIn: This week’s podcast was a gala of experts in trading, cryptocurrency and cyber security. To hear the full episodes of our interview with CryptoGat and all our guests please use the links below: CryptoGat - Martin McGinty from - Kim Gibson-Newton from Crypto Ecology -
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