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Kim Gibson-Newton (CryptoGat) on Crypto Clothesline Podcast
June 22, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Here at Crypto Clothesline, we’ve asked a number of experts and enthusiasts in their fields to comment on the areas of interest that came up in the interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S.) has over 70k followers on Twitter and recently had a fall from grace after he was found to be part of a market manipulation scheme. Kim Gibson-Newton: Cryptocurrency Researcher And CryptoEcology Community Founder Talks To Crypto Clothesline About Market Manipulation, Especially In Regards To CryptoGat. Kim is one of those unassuming mamma brilliants who doesn’t live the Lambo Dream, who is into developing crypto for the wellbeing of the community and is keen to help as many people as she can along the way. I think we could safely call Kim a Crypto Hippy. Kim helps a growing community from newbies to seasoned cryptonites, learn and develop deeper and deeper rabbit-hole-understanding of cryptocurrencies, the potential for freedom through decentralisation and online privacy hacks in a world where big brother is now so passé. Due to there being no current regulation in the space, a lot of people have been attracted to cryptocurrencies – but there’s a lot of fraud and manipulation too. For younger people wanting to get in on the crypto action, Kim suggests they treat it like a serious game – they need to have: • a plan • a list of things that are important • make investments based on what’s important • keep getting educated – doing due diligence, independent research and good reasons for investing Check out the full interview with CryptoGat and our supporting experts via the links below: CryptoGat - Martin McGinty from - Kim Gibson-Newton from Crypto Ecology - Thomas Jreige from Focus Cyber Security -
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