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Laila Osborne of Australian Institute of Blockchain Technology on Crypto Clothesline
May 15, 2018 Crypto Clothesline
Laila Osborne, working out of Brisbane, is founder of Wise Robot: creating content and systems on the Blockchain for the education sector. This includes accredited Blockchain courses with recognised certification through the organisation she’s establishing – the Australian Institute of Blockchain Technology. Laila is also establishing an online means of storing documentation, certification and achievements during the course of a lifetime in one place on the Blockchain, so as not to have to rely on digging up academic records and the like from closed or antiquated institutions at a great cost and inconvenience. With a focus on decentralisation of the education and vocational systems, Laila is forging the way towards a future where everything can be easily tracked and located for learners of all ages. Find out more: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:
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